At Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, Dr. Richard Burt has been doing what once seemed impossible. He’s not just treating, but apparently curing debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), through stem cell transplants.

Much like rebooting a computer, the procedure reboots your cells, and with their memory wiped out, they no longer attack the nerve system of those with MS or other auto immune diseases.

Matt Brennan of Tonawanda traveled to Chicago to undergo the treatment, and reports amazing results.
Brennan was afflicted with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), the so called “cousin disease” to MS.

“MS attacks the central nervous system, where CIDP is primarily peripheral nerves,” Brennan explained.

Prior to having CIDP, Brennan said he was active in sports and at a job that kept him on his feet 12 hours a day.

“Once I had CIDP, I couldn’t walk upstairs, I couldn’t get out of a chair… couldn’t button my shirt or my pants,” he said.

After being accepted into Dr. Burt’s program, Brennan went to Chicago in February for treatment and spent 17 days in the hospital.

“I now feel great and have pretty much no symptoms,” Brennan told WGRZ during an interview in April. “It truly is a miracle what Dr. Burt is doing out there with modern science and treating these patients.”

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