Blood Cancer & Stem Cells

What we’re fighting for

In essence, Leukaemia & Myeloma Research UK wants to eradicate cancer of the blood once and for all. One of the ways we’re aiming to achieve that is through advancing our understanding of stem cells and how we can use them to treat blood cancer patients, particularly through stem cell transplants. Read the topics below to understand the full picture of what Leukaemia & Myeloma Research UK is fighting for and how we’re achieving it.

Understanding blood cancer

There are three main types of blood cancer and each affect blood cells in a different way. The necessary treatment to administer will depend on which type of cancer is present.

Understanding stem cells

Stem cells are found in various body tissues and are highly adaptable. By adapting them into specialised cells they can be utilised in the treatment of some blood cancers.

Stem cell transplantation

In some cases a more effective method to treat blood cancer is stem cell transplantation. Cancerous cells can be treated externally and then returned to the body in a healthier state.

Cord blood bank

Collecting and storing umbilical cord blood stem cells at the time of birth means your baby or another member of their family can potentially use them to treat future diseases.

Research articles

Knowledge and understanding of stem cell treatments in blood cancer is always evolving, which is why we present research articles with each new breakthrough.

Further reading

There are many other organisations and online resources offering further reading on stem cells, blood cancer and related fields. You can read more at these external links.

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