Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation has set up two web pages which enable the public to search for currently recruiting clinical trials that use either cord blood or cord tissue. By the numbers, our search portals currently list 114 recruiting cord blood trials that are enrolling patients at 354 locations, and 49 recruiting umbilical cord tissue trials that are enrolling patients at 65 locations.

Among the 114 open cord blood trials, 54 are traditional stem cell transplants, and 60 are advanced cell therapy, whereas the 49 cord tissue trials are all advanced cell therapy. Advanced cell therapy is defined15 by both the EMA and the FDA as all therapies in which cells are more than minimally manipulated, and/or their action is not homologous.

This is an exciting time for both patient families and professionals, as more trials are opening up around the world that will perform advanced cell therapy with newborn stem cells. We hope to keep the community appraised with periodic updates that review the changing contents of our trials portals and the evolving statistics of the trials.

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